New Web Forms Enhance Remote Access for Users of Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1

The events of the past 18 months have proven the need to be able to access critical business software anytime, from anywhere.


Sage is committed to modernising Sage 200 to provide flexible access to key functionality and vital business data, no matter where users are working from. As a leading Sage partner, we’ve highlighted here some of the key ways in which the latest release of Sage 200 Professional – 2021 R1 – moves the product towards this and how the new features are accessed, for the benefit of both existing Sage 200 Professional users and those who may be considering the system as their next financial software.


The focus is on the ability to respond to opportunities, input data, reduce risk and complete vital tasks using any web enabled device, ensuring you don’t miss out or cause delay when not at your desktop machine.


If, like so many UK businesses, you’re looking to adopt cloud working, the medium to longer term evolution of Sage 200 should pique your interest, as it will offer business agility by supporting the move away from traditional desktop workflows and processes.


Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1 demonstrates the largest step to date in terms of making this flexibility a reality. This release includes the addition of over 30 new web forms, making a new and large chunk of tasks available without the need to be sitting at the desktop application of Sage 200.


Sales Ledger – New Web Form Features

With the new release, users will be able to create new customer accounts and amend existing customer accounts via the web portal. The ‘View Customer Account’ screen on the portal allows you to see and amend the full customer record – this includes information like aged balance details and contact information. From here, there is also a link to another one of the new web screens – the Customer Transaction Enquiry screen – where you can view all of the transactions related to the customer.


Users can also now enter transactions via the web – such as sales invoices, credit notes, receipts and payments. If you need to give your customer a quote remotely, you can now do this using the Customer Price Enquiry screen. Select the customer and the product and it will return the price for you. Another new feature in the sales ledger area of Sage 200 that you can access remotely is the ability to maintain the customer status so, if you’re out of the office and need to urgently put a customer on hold, then this is easily done.


Purchase Ledger – New Web Form Features

Sage have added some similar features to the Purchase Ledger, so users can add, amend and view supplier details from your browser. Remotely recording purchase payments and receipts, invoices and credit notes is easy, as is maintaining supplier account statuses. Also, users have the option to authorise supplier transactions so, if they are away from their desk and need to authorise a purchase urgently, then this can be quickly done via the web.


Stock Control Ledger – New Web Form Features

To the Stock Control Ledger, Sage have added the ability to view stock item history, check item balances to see how many that you have in stock, and the monthly trading figures for a particular item all via the web. Users can also view their stock buying prices, add or edit stock locations on the warehouse list, record the transfer of stock between locations and even manage their stock take on a tablet or a mobile phone, removing the need for excess paper-based processes and reducing the chance of errors.


Cashbook Module – New Web Form Features

In the Cashbook Module, Sage have added the bank account list, from which users can record payments and receipts, and also view the transactional history for their accounts. If you require to record the movement of funds between bank accounts, this can be done using the Inter-account Transfer Feature – just select the account that the money is coming from, the account it is going to, and then fill in the transfer details. The transfer will be immediately recorded.


Nominal Ledger Transaction Enquiry Screen

The last web screen we’ll highlight here is the new Nominal Ledger Transaction Enquiry screen. This screen will display all transactions posted to a particular nominal code, any associated nominal codes, the applicable VAT, whether the transaction affected a cashbook account, and if it originated from a trade transaction, such as a sales invoice.


Sound Good?

Eureka Solutions has been a trusted Sage partner since 2004, is a Sage Platinum Partner and five-time winner of the ‘Sage Custom Solutions Partner’ award. Our substantial and experienced development team makes us the partner of choice for organisations that want a Sage system that ideally fits their requirements.


Sage’s end goal is to create a completely cloud-based solution for Sage 200 and the web forms in this release are a great step towards that. If you would like any more information, or to talk through whether Sage 200 could be a good fit for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our product specialists at any time, or fill out the form on this page and someone will get right back to you.