Increase Leads with Marketing Automation from NetSuite CRM Software

Marketing automation tools are used by many businesses and can be extremely efficient in freeing up marketers’ time and helping to drive leads and improve customer experience, with 77% of CMOs at top performing companies implementing marketing automation tools to increase revenue.

There is, however, a shortfall that almost all pieces of marketing automation software have, and that is that these operate as standalone systems. Countless businesses will utilise the benefits that marketing automation tools bring them, such as improved campaign management at a much more highly targeted level, but then have this level of information exist on its own.

“The marketing automation capabilities of NetSuite take this software to the next level, enabling businesses to drive more leads…”

Businesses will then continue to use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as a completely independent tool from their marketing automation software, when in reality these two products should be intertwined with one another. Operating in this way, with these two disparate systems is causing a vast amount of inefficiency in these businesses. Data entry is often required to be duplicated, which can result in errors. In addition to this, sales staff who use CRM software, may not have access to data, or will have to check two systems, meaning they do not have an accurate, holistic view of their customers/leads.

NetSuite CRM is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management software that incorporates marketing automation capabilities into its core offering.

As well as being one of the most powerful pieces of CRM software available, with powerful “traditional” CRM abilities, the marketing automation capabilities of NetSuite take this software to the next level, enabling businesses to drive more leads, through marketing campaigns (i.e email, direct mail, events and more) to be managed, tracked and analyses all in one application – moving leads through your sales process in real-time, and ensuring all the data you have for them exists in one place.

You can segment the data that already exists in your CRM solution to deliver communications that are personalised and highly targeted and can be created quickly and easily through the use of NetSuite’s templates.

Features of NetSuite CRM Marketing Automation:

  • Lead Reporting & Analytics
    Get real-time insights into marketing activities and track lead-to-revenue for an accurate measure of ROI for lead generation activities
  • Landing Page and Web Forms
    Build web page form submissions that, when completed, will instantly create leads in CRM that can be tracked and placed into a workflow. The forms used by Eureka Solutions are powered by NetSuite and integrate seamlessly into our website, adding all submissions straight into our NetSuite CRM system.
  • Email Marketing Campaign Management
    An easy to use interface enables NetSuite CRM users to create attractive looking email campaigns that can be highly targeted based on a number of fields in the software

The marketing automation functionality built into NetSuite CRM include these, and many more great features, all of which help to build a pipeline and increase efficiency of marketing activities. If you’d like to learn more about this aspect of NetSuite CRM or any of the other core capabilities of the product, then get in touch with one of our NetSuite product specialists, or request a demo.