Increase Your Ecommerce Sales Conversions by Outsourcing Manual Processes to the Cloud

A familiar problem for online shoppers worldwide; you’ve spent hours scouring online stores for the perfect product to finally find it, eagerly hitting “Add to basket” only to be greeted by the dreaded “Out of Stock” error message. Frustrated, you angrily close the tab and get back to work.


To the consumer, this is a minor inconvenience, a first world problem. A few minutes on Google and a similar product can easily be sourced elsewhere. However, to your business this is much more. On top of the sale which has just been lost, your company risks the far more damaging wrath of a dissatisfied customer.


Today consumers have a louder voice than ever before, with the dawn of social media and independent review sites, anger and frustration can be vented to global audiences, spreading quickly and potentially tarnishing your good name. As we all know, negative reviews can have a harmful impact on peoples buying habits.


This issue is commonplace among retailers who rely on manual methods of data transfer; that is where aspects such as stock levels need to be monitored by a member of staff who then update figures manually as orders come in, placing reorders when they notice an item running low.


On paper this sounds fairly standard, however what happens if a flurry of orders come in when this person goes for lunch? What if they phone in sick? What if they accidentally key in a reorder of 1 unit instead of 1,000?


Where humans are involved, inevitably error will follow. Whilst human error is unavoidable there are steps businesses can take to automate key processes, safeguarding sales conversions and protecting company reputation.


By implementing a cloud based integration solution like Cloud Data Exchange your business is able to set up connections between platforms such as your ecommerce store and stock management system, ensuring the “Out of Stock” message is never displayed to your customers.


“…your ecommerce platforms and order fulfilment systems will be in full synchronicity, allowing you to maximise sales conversions and reap the benefits of the additional man hours at your disposal”

Data can be transferred continually or at customisable intervals meaning you are given accurate, real-time insight into your customers’ behaviour. With the facility to set up multiple integrations you are able to easily monitor orders from multiple sources such as eBay and Amazon as well as Magento storefronts and your own site, from one centralised module, accessed from any browser enabled device.


Not only does this make your business more efficient and able to satisfy customers, it provides huge internal benefits. A key example of this can be demonstrated by one of our recent adopters of Cloud Data Exchange, a UK based retailer with over 20 staff.


Having implemented our data integration tool they have been able to save on average 45 minutes per day of manual data entry, this equates to 23.4 days per year in man hours, which can now be focused on fulfilling their main duties and providing outstanding customer service.


These benefits can be scaled to any size of organisation, streamlining processes, allowing you and your staff to focus on their key responsibilities rather than having to devote hours to mindless data entry.


By effectively ‘outsourcing’ manual data entry to Cloud Data Exchange you can be confident that your ecommerce platforms and order fulfilment systems will be in full synchronicity, allowing you to maximise sales conversions and reap the benefits of the additional man hours at your disposal now the manual process has been retired.



Find out more about the integrations available with Cloud Data Exchange how you can automate business processes here.