Eureka Solutions – Sage 200 Integration Experts

As a Sage Platinum Partner, five-time winner of the ‘Sage Custom Solutions Partner Award’ and boasting some of most technically proficient Sage 200 experts in the UK, Eureka Solutions is often the partner of choice for organisations that want a system that ideally fits their requirements.


Whilst our track record alone offers a host of benefits to anyone considering Eureka Solutions as their partner for a Sage 200 implementation, what often sets us apart from alternative partners is our ability to integrate Sage 200 solutions with other business systems.


Eureka Solutions enhances the value that our customers get from Sage by integrating their Sage 50 or Sage 200 system with their third-party EPOS, eCommerce, CRM and other systems through bespoke development, “on-premise” Data Exchange or even Cloud Data Exchange.


You may be wondering what “on-premise” Data Exchange and Cloud Data Exchange are. So, here’s the breakdown:


“On-premise” Data Exchange

Built specifically for Sage 200 and Sage 50, Data Exchange provides seamless data integration between Sage 200 and third-party systems including e-commerce websites, warehousing software, external ERP and CRM systems, bespoke software, or industry-specific solutions.


Data Exchange works by importing and exporting either CSV or XML files, allowing flexible integration with different databases over a local network or via an FTP site.


Cloud Data Exchange

Cloud Data Exchange is a fully cloud based, multi-channel integration platform. Our solution allows you to choose a range of pre-built integrations or create your own, quickly, and easily synchronising the flow of information throughout your business, removing the requirement for manual data transfer.


The true cloud nature of the product is where it differs from “on-premise” Data Exchange, giving users the ability to access, view and edit their integrations anywhere without the need to access an internal server.


Several Sage 200 customers have utilised our integration expertise to develop more bespoke solutions. One of which has been Pharmed.


Pharmed are a service-led healthcare and pharmaceutical provider offering multiple products across many ecommerce stores.


The company were looking to integrate several ecommerce platforms to their Sage 200 software and were given Cloud Data Exchange to do so, however this had some complexities that a standard integration solution would not solve. One of which involved sending sales order from Amazon to Sage 200.


Pharmed use different Amazon friendly stock codes (SKUs) which did not match their Sage 200 stock codes which meant automating the transfer sales orders would be impossible with an “out of the box” solution.


Our Sage integration experts were able to produce a method of mapping them to the correct stock item in Sage 200 allowing Pharmed to efficiently automate the transfer of sales orders from Amazon to Sage 200, saving them valuable man hours.


Often most businesses require some form of integration when implementing Sage 200. Most enquiries we receive for any new system implementation has an element of integration required. Few businesses that reach the point of needing a robust system like Sage 200 have grown without adopting essential systems other than their core finance system, and where there would not be a benefit to an element of connection between them.


If you would like to discover more on how we can equip your business with a fully integrated Sage 200 solution allowing you to benefit from improved processes and time-saving then get in touch and speak to one of our Sage 200 team.