Eureka Solutions Join Forces With QGate

As part of a collaborative project for one of our customers we’ve teamed up with QGate Software Ltd to provide a Computer Telephony Integration using their excellent Intelli-CTi product.

Eureka’s side of the development would focus on integrating the existing Intelli-CTi with NetSuite.

This would allow customers to browse their NetSuite records such as contacts, cases or customers and instantly call the required contact on the desired number through their Intelli-CTi client.

It will also allow for handling incoming calls and based on the number it will allow the customer to effortlessly browse to the appropriate record in NetSuite and gather the required information without interrupting their current workflow.

For instance, if it’s a support issue the user will be able to quickly navigate to the appropriate case within NetSuite with one click on the Intelli-CTi client without having to go searching and interrupting their current process.

Intelli-CTi is a program that runs on your computer which integrates your Voice over IP telephone system with your CRM system. We visited QGate who created Intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and they showed us how it worked and help us get started on integrating it with NetSuite.

To get this project off the ground we spent a couple of days training with the Mark and Paul from QGate.

Finlay our Junior Developer provides his thoughts below on this exciting new project.

Intelli-CTi is written in C#, which I had never used before. I had found quite a lot of C# was similar to Java, which helped because they teach Java at university.

We were using Visual Studio as our IDE for the project, which I had also never used before. It is a very useful editor as it has lots of shortcuts to help you with programming, such as letting you refactor your code. It also has some handy debugging tools that let you set breakpoints on your code, so you can step through and see what is happening with it.

During the two days spent at QGate, we managed to get Intelli-CTi to look up customers in NetSuite when there was an incoming call, make notes about a user during a call and make an outgoing call based on a customer open in a NetSuite tab.

Mark and Paul from QGate were great teachers and hosts and provided lots of assistance so we’d like to say thanks to them.