Now is the ideal time to futureproof your systems

If you are one of many organisations using a Microsoft legacy system faced with the migration to Dynamics 365, now is the time to assess your priorities and growth ambitions and ask if the complex process will be worth the headache.

Taking this opportunity to instead move to NetSuite – the world’s number one true cloud-based solution – would not only be simpler than the Microsoft upgrade, you would also be moving your business forward with an infinitely scalable platform, a strong but flexible foundation for growth.

Unlike Dynamics, NetSuite is designed from the ground up to address the needs of an entire business – integrating ERP, CRM, supply chain management, manufacturing, ecommerce and more into a single platform with a unified data source. Not only is complexity reduced, functionality is increased.

And the best part? Once you have made the move to NetSuite, you’ll always be on the front foot – product upgrades are automatically delivered, unlike most other systems. NetSuite, unlike Microsoft, does not move the goal posts.

Eureka Solutions is an experienced, award-winning deployer of NetSuite, and is already actively undertaking Microsoft to NetSuite migrations – see below for a detailed comparison. Get in touch if you would like to know more, and to discuss how we could help you turn the Microsoft confusion into a positive opportunity.

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Reduce IT infrastructure costs

With Microsoft Dynamics…

Analysis of on-premise ERP systems shows that implementation costs could be as much as five times the cost of software licenses. Hardware, middle-ware, infrastructure, database licenses and implementation fees cause significant expenditure and can quickly eat away at your IT budget.


With NetSuite…

NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP costs are much lower. Users simply access their systems via an Internet connection. We host and maintain the IT infrastructure, ensuring the system is always up and running.

Increase visibility

With Microsoft Dynamics…

Consolidating multi-subsidiary and multinational financials is time-consuming and expensive; organisations must either rely on a multitude of spreadsheets or invest in separate systems for the accounts of every subsidiary, as well as external reporting tools.


With NetSuite…

The modern cloud-based management system helps a company unify their business processes, departments, and divisions. Every application uses the same, real-time data repository, so all users have access to the same up-to-date information.

Seamless integration of processes

With Microsoft Dynamics… 

Legacy ERP systems are part of a fragmented, complex IT infrastructure that delivers disruption rather than focusing on efficiency. Legacy ERP systems require you to deploy other applications to automate support, sales, warehousing, ecommerce, professional services, and other functions.


With NetSuite…
Integration of front-office and back-office processes results in reconciliation of data across the organization. NetSuite seamlessly handles different currencies, taxes, and reporting from a single unified platform.

Improve your agility

With Microsoft Dynamics…

Multiple legacy point solutions create an “application hairball” that is burdened with manual tasks, batch processes and bottlenecks.


With NetSuite…

You’re free to focus on innovation, instead of spending your time maintaining, supporting and customising your infrastructure and applications. Want to change your business model? Simply map NetSuite’s solution to it.

Grow your business

With Microsoft Dynamics…

Separate ERP and CRM applications for each silo in your organization create inherent challenges. With different business processes running on disparate systems, it is difficult to scale up to support growth and provide visibility into your business.

With NetSuite…

You’ll have a single ERP and CRM software suite on a unified data model that has the proven scalability to support your growth, with realtime consolidation of multiple entities from both financial and inventory perspectives.

Minimise disruption to your business

With Microsoft Dynamics…

Each upgrade is paid for individually. If the application is not updated, the application version could become unsupported causing delays, interruptions and loss of business.


With NetSuite…

It is simple and efficient. Upgrades are automatically implemented in the cloud overnight ensuring minimal disruption to your business. Since all customers are on the same version, there is no risk to running unsupported versions.


Our NetSuite Success Stories

By focusing on our founding principles of customer service and technical expertise we ensure that our NetSuite clients benefit from industry leading practices and have the visibility they need to run their businesses more profitably and efficiently.






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