Vibrant Chilango Refuses to be Held Back by Legacy Software

Described by Elite Business Magazine as ‘Arguably the most exciting fast food company of the decade’, it’s fair to say that Mexican restaurant chain Chilango is an exciting addition to software company Eureka Solutions’ client list.


Chilango has disrupted the London restaurant scene from day one, and continues to innovate and push the boundaries, both in terms of its food and service offerings, and with the way the business runs and grows.


“In addition, the SuiteSuccess approach means costs are kept very competitive, we don’t need a lot of customisations. ‘Off the shelf’ SuiteSuccess Financials First means we will be ready to go – it’s ideal for us.”


With 11 locations in London, one in Manchester and the opening of its newest venue in Birmingham in early July 2019, the current growth path is partly due to a crowdfunding programme that raised an incredible £3.8 million.


For Chilango’s Finance Director, Tom Ormond, this growth curve presents its challenges, and a review of the company’s financial management system became a priority earlier this year, as growth and decision-making were being hampered.


“The decisions we make based on the financials make or break the business,” says Tom, “It was taking us nearly three weeks to close our month end, by which point we were in the following month and after the event. For a business of our nature this was becoming unacceptable.”


Tom and the Chilango Management Team assessed a number of financial software options, some which were too cumbersome, some which didn’t provide the necessary flexibility.


Eureka Solutions are the leading UK business systems experts, award-winning in the delivery and development of both NetSuite and Sage, as well as their own integration-based products. Both teams could see that Chilango’s multi-venue, dynamic business would be a perfect fit for NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess approach.


NetSuite is a fully cloud-based, easily scalable, user-friendly financials solution. The SuiteSuccess approach to implementing NetSuite delivers leading practices, gained from thousands of successful implementations, built in, with pre-defined, role-based user dashboards.


Tom Ormond explains,


“Being able to access NetSuite from any number of our multiple locations and the ability to give ownership of finances at a restaurant level as cost centres makes it exactly what we need. Eureka Solutions’ ability to link NetSuite to our EPOS system API seamlessly means we can look at real-time data whenever and wherever we need to.


“In addition, the SuiteSuccess approach means costs are kept very competitive, we don’t need a lot of customisations. ‘Off the shelf’ SuiteSuccess Financials First means we will be ready to go – it’s ideal for us.”


For businesses like Chilango, NetSuite breathes new life into finance teams. Previously the Team were spending their days being what Tom describes as ‘newsreaders’, reading and reconciling data that is already out of date. NetSuite will allow these team members to be more engaged in the business and add value to it, rather than just play a supporting role.


The new system will also fundamentally change Tom’s role, as Finance Director, “It will be from a control perspective, it means I can see the full audit trail. I’ll also be able to do real time presentations to the board with real numbers to show them performance versus budget live in the system, and then drill down to see costs.”


The transition from one system to another can often feel daunting. Chilango’s experience is proof of the importance not only of the choice of system, but of the choice of partner. Eureka Solutions, as experts in both Sage and NetSuite, helped them to understand clearly how they would go live from one system to another. At a very early stage in the tendering process, the Eureka Solutions team were able to clearly illustrate what the new system would actually look and feel like for Chilango, and that was hugely reassuring.


Tom added, “Now that the project has started, I continue to be impressed, I feel fully informed at all times.”


Hospitality and leisure businesses with multiple locations and plans to keep growing need a true cloud-based software solution that can not only grow with them but can actually drive the growth. Having ‘future-proofed’ its financials, it will be interesting to see where dynamic Chilango goes next.


If you’d like to discuss how Eureka Solutions could transform your financial operations with NetSuite SuiteSuccess, then contact us, or for more details on the SuiteSuccess approach, visit our SuiteSuccess page.