Restructure at Scottish software firm has clear focus on sustainable growth

As a tech business, focusing all efforts towards delivering on only two key principles may seem a little basic, but the growth of an innovative Scottish software company has proven that if those two things are the right things – namely being technically excellent in your field and delivering outstanding customer service – it can be a recipe for success.


Having realised consistent double-digit growth in recent years, East Kilbride based Eureka Solutions has just announced a major restructure of the business with the purpose of further cementing these two founding principles and securing long-term, sustainable growth.


Eureka Solutions has grown from being a small business in 2004, supporting SMEs with their financial systems, to quickly becoming a leading software developer in its own right with products designed to enhance Sage systems, and being named ‘Sage Developer of the Year’ five times as a result.


Always ahead of the curve, Eureka Solutions diversified further in 2012 to add the cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system Oracle NetSuite to the portfolio, building such an impressive portfolio of clients UK-wide, and with such a strong emphasis on long-term customer relationships, that they were awarded ‘Outstanding Partner of the Year’ for the UK and Ireland for 2020, and now begin 2021 as one of only three ‘Five-Star’ NetSuite partners in the UK.


Over time, Eureka Solutions has also become expert in streamlining processes for their customers, and has invested heavily in development of technology that connects disparate business systems, thus reducing duplication of effort and errors. This proprietary tool – Cloud Data Exchange – has the potential to propel the business to global player status, and its success to date was a major influence behind the restructure.


David Lindores – formerly Eureka Solutions’ Technical Director – has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, and Gillian Livingstone – formerly Financial Director – has been appointed Chief Operating Officer. Between them they lead the talented team of close to 60 staff into a newly formed divisional structure, designed to maximise opportunities for business growth and staff development.


As C.E.O., David Lindores now leads the strategic direction of the business, and has overall responsibility for the newly formed Oracle NetSuite division, ensuring Eureka Solutions continues to have the resources and skills to deliver technically excellent implementations for NetSuite customers, as well as outstanding support and customer service. As C.O.O., Gillian Livingstone now leads the operational side of the business, and has overall responsibility for the Sage, Cloud Data Exchange and Eureka Addons division, keeping the focus on efficient project delivery and long-term customer success.


This restructure marks a conscious shift in mentality for the company’s owners and leadership team, from being a small business to being a larger company, as C.E.O. David explains,

“Taking a step back and looking at the way our business was organised in relation to the size and complexity we have reached was an insightful experience. The vast majority of our staff are technical – across technical sales, development, implementation and support – and we could see that continuing to have one large team delivering the different products and services we provide could potentially restrict not only the growth of the business but the personal growth of our talented staff.”


Now, with clearly defined divisions, teams will be laser focused on their product area, thus creating an environment for personal, corporate and customer success for the entire staff.


C.O.O. Gillian comments,

“Our people are our most valuable resource, and the rate of staff turnover at Eureka Solutions is impressively low because developing and motivating our workforce is always a priority. Many members of our well-established team were originally recruited as graduates and the new divisional structure creates clear career progression opportunities as well as the chance to continue to strive to be technically excellent in their field of specialty, which can only benefit our customers as we support them through their own growth.”


The nature of the products and services Eureka Solutions provides has leant itself perfectly to the challenges businesses have faced during 2020 and into 2021 – cloud-based systems accessible from anywhere that give real-time financial visibility and the ability to adapt and make fast decisions, combined with the ability to connect key systems to streamline processes and take pressure away from often strained resources.


Existing customers are UK-wide and vary from start-ups looking to save time by integrating systems with Cloud Data Exchange to allow them to focus on their growth, through to complex, multinational businesses consolidating world-wide financial and other operations with NetSuite – with disruptors in the sports, wholesale distribution, tech, leisure, retail and life sciences industries as examples. Eureka Solutions’ customer centric approach combined with the range of options provided enables them to support customers to grow by providing the system options that are the most appropriate for them.


As such, Eureka Solutions and its new leadership team head towards the new financial year in an extremely confident position, well established as a key player in the UK’s business software ecosystem.


To find out more, visit the Eureka Solutions Meet the Team page.