Lane7 Strikes Exciting Business Software Deal with Eureka Solutions

Lane7 is a rapidly growing bowling alley business with a difference. Since opening its first site in Newcastle in 2013, the unique offer of family-friendly entertainment by day and classy bowling with a twist by night has proven a winning formula.


However, rapid expansion into the UK’s major cities – there will be eight venues by January 2020, and the medium-term aim is 20 sites – comes with its challenges for the company’s Financial Controller, Tom Lee-Gough, who explains,


“The nature of our business involves a high volume of transactions. As the business grows, consolidating this across ever increasing numbers of different legal entities involves many manual processes and was exposing us to opportunities for error.”


It’s common for fast growing businesses to outgrow their financial systems quicker than anticipated. It’s not just the volume of transactions and margin for error, but the lack of the visibility needed to make fast, informed decisions based on the full picture.


Well on the way to becoming the largest operator of its kind in the UK, these challenges for the financial team led Tom to commence a review to replace their existing Sage 50 software, seeking a system not just for this phase of growth but one that is future proof.


The Lane7 leadership team knew that, due to the nature of the consolidation needed, they were looking for a cloud-based system, and reviewed a few options. Their decision to appoint Eureka Solutions to implement NetSuite came down to their confidence in Eureka Solutions, and the flexibility of reporting that NetSuite delivers.


Eureka Solutions has been successfully implementing business systems for over fifteen years, and have established themselves as specialists in unifying systems for growing venue based entertainment businesses with multiple cost centres; clients include Chilango Restaurants, Bounce Ping Pong, Puttshack, St Andrews Links Trust, Powerleague Fives, Derby County Football Club and Luton Town Football Club.


“Eureka Solutions clearly demonstrated that with NetSuite we will no longer have to spend our time being gatekeepers for our data, the data will be correct.”


Eureka Solutions and Lane7 agreed on a NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials implementation. The SuiteSuccess approach will ensure that Lane7 benefits from the real-time visibility of their financials across the entire organisation immediately, incorporating leading practices from equivalent businesses that result in quick user adoption and ROI.


Tom and the Lane7 Directors are looking forward to having faith in the accuracy of their financial information and to the small finance team being able to add real value to the business as it continues to develop.


“No-one is infallible, particularly with the high levels of manual intervention we were experiencing,” explains Tom, “Eureka Solutions clearly demonstrated that with NetSuite we will no longer have to spend our time being gatekeepers for our data, the data will be correct. The fact that they can also integrate NetSuite with other key systems in our business means we will be freed up for analysis of processes and effective decision making.”


Tom continues, “While we are on a rapid growth path, we don’t want to have to expand our finance team to cope. By saving us at least 50% of our time on tasks such as month-end, NetSuite will allow us to keep our team small and agile.”


Alan Miles, Senior Solution Consultant at Eureka Solutions, has vast experience in assisting businesses to define the solution most appropriate for them. He commented, “We are delighted to be working with Lane7, it is an exciting and ambitious business; we get where they are and where they want to be and look forward to a long term partnership with them as they continue to grow.”