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Oracle NetSuite gives its users a unified view of their business that puts them in the best possible position to grow. At Eureka Solutions, we specialise in implementing and supporting NetSuite in the industries we have a proven track record in –using our hands-on experience to ensure our customers benefit from the leading practices specific to their needs.

Industries we Specialise in include:

Fast growing businesses

As a true-cloud ERP, NetSuite provides a scalable platform for growth, meeting the needs of companies at all stages from start-up onwards, enabling them to innovate and adapt to market changes and business opportunities with confidence in the accurate, unified view of their business NetSuite provides.

Technology & Software

We work with a wide range of technology-based companies, providing them with a real-time view into business performance and the metrics that matter, automating finance and accounting processes, synchronising complex billing and revenue management flows, automating subscription and renewal processes and more with NetSuite.

Professional Sport

We’re the leading NetSuite partner in the UK for helping the finance teams of professional sport organisations and governing bodies transform their processes, efficiencies, analysis and reportingby removing manual and paper-based processes and the need for numerous disparate systems, and by embedding the finance function strategically throughout the business

Life Sciences

NetSuite enables efficient management of the financial complexities of life sciences businesses, streamlining financial reporting and making month and year ends quicker and easier. Providing a 360-degree of customers across all touchpoints, team performance is assisted by role-based dashboards and your leadership team has a real-time view of the business health, anytime and anywhere.

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors have had to adapt to rapid and significant change and need to be agile in order to remain competitive. Using NetSuite, we help distributors run their businesses on a single, unified platform reducing IT costs and gaining comprehensive, real-time visibility across their organisations.

Leisure & Hospitality

Our clients in the leisure and hospitality industry benefit from the increased visibility NetSuite software brings them, with hospitality industry leading practices for financials, procurement, customer management and more, and our system integration expertise at Eureka Solutions enables seamless connection with other essential systems such as EPOS platforms.

Retail & Ecommerce

The ideal solution for on premise retailers and ecommerce businesses alike, NetSuite delivers an end-to-end cloud business suite for financials & accounting, inventory & order management, CRM & marketing and the option of built in omnichannel ecommerce or integration with third party ecommerce platforms using Eureka Solution’s system integration application.

Not for Profit

With financial management, fund accounting, programme efficiency management, CRM and more, we provide our non-profit customers with a NetSuite platform that breaks down organisation silos and satisfies specific the reporting requirements that charitable organisations have quickly and easily.


Our Success Stories

By adhering to our founding principles of technical expertise and customer service, we build long-term client relationships and provide systems that deliver value and impact to the businesses we work with.


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