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A cloud-based system like NetSuite can deliver flexibility and freedom, real-time visibility of your business and customers, and a reduced total cost of ownership and ongoing IT costs. Unlike Sage, upgrades are automatically delivered, ensuring you are using the most up-to-date version of NetSuite, providing efficient integration and minimising downtime.


NetSuite is designed with fast growing businesses in mind, supporting their strategic plans.


While Sage may have fulfilled your previous needs, as businesses expand and become more complex, they tend to find that they need:

  • Metrics based on reliable data.
  • Efficient, automated processes.
  • Maintenance of compliance and control.
  • Flexibility resulting in an ability to scale.


With Sage…

Setting up new databases for multiple subsidiaries can take up valuable time – and it could be difficult to reconcile information across subsidiaries.


With NetSuite…

You’ll have data across your whole business at your fingertips anywhere, anytime – with role-based dashboards that make it easy to drill down to the detailed information you need.


With Sage…

Hardware and software costs are one thing, but it’s important to bear in mind how much resource you’re dedicating to the maintenance and upkeep of several systems.


With NetSuite…

The benefit to a true cloud solution is its ROI – physical maintenance costs are completely removed, which also frees up crucial time and resources to spend on innovation and revenue generating activities.

Grow your business

With Sage…

Your expansion will be dependent on the infrastructure you have in place, and you are reliant on third parties and ongoing investment to support any growth, as well as integration of disparate systems for the different functions of your business.


With NetSuite…

You’ll have a single software suite that has the proven scalability to support you globally, with real-time consolidation of multiple entities from both financial and inventory perspectives.

Improve your agility

With Sage…

Your flexibility can be restricted, and meeting system requirements can be arduous which may restrict your ability to respond to new business opportunities and challenges.


With NetSuite…

You’re free to focus on innovation, instead of spending your time maintaining your infrastructure and systems. Want to change your business model? Simply map NetSuite’s solution to it.

Minimise disruption to your business

With Sage…

Aside from maintenance, you’ll be spending time manually updating systems in case they become unsupported which incurs significant consultancy fees – did you know the vast majority of Sage customers won’t be on the latest version of the product?


With NetSuite…

Upgrades are automatically implemented in the cloud overnight and take around two hours, ensuring minimal disruption to the running of your business.

Real-time view of your customer

With Sage… 

Managing data across different systems means it can be difficult to have a 360-degree view of your customers.


With NetSuite…
The single integrated system provides real-time information to you and your customers, however they interact with you (whether that’s through marketing, customer services, e-mail, finance, supply chain, or e-commerce) – improving the service and sales experience.

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